Terms and conditions

These are some of the regulations which are used for the website of Farigh times.

When you are coming to visit the website we perceive that you agree on our conditions fully. If you do not agree on our terms, do not use the website.

We have a lot of things on this page that includes privacy conditions, disclaimer, and notice of the agreements: “visitor,” “You’re,” and “You” referring to the person who is visiting the website. Words “Us,” “Our Company,” “The company,” “We, “Our,” and “Us” refers to ourselves. Our terms apply to the acceptance of the payment needed to start the process of our help to the customers in a proper manner, whether meeting the fixed duration, or any other way requires respect for the client. In accordance with the subject of Law.


You have to take care of the cookies when you are using Farigh times, and you can see the details on Farigh Times privacy policy.

Most of the websites are following trends of cookies so that they can see each visit of their visitors. You have to enable the cookies when you visit some pages of our website too.


Farigh times content is the property of them and their licensors. All property rights are reserved. You can visit, read, or print the pages of farightimes.com but if you are using the content personally, you have to face the restrictions.

  • You cannot republish content from https://www.farightimes.com/
  • Sub-license, sell or rent content on https://www.farightimes.com/
  • Copy, duplicate and remake the content on https://www.farightimes.com/
  • If the content is not for redistribution, you cannot distribute it.

Our content Hyperlinks

Many organization has links with our website without any approval of them:

Search Engines

News companies

Govt. agencies

Businesses but non-profitable organizations are no the part of it such as charity or fundraising organization.

Directories present online can be the part of it when they are listing our website.

These all organization can use our website, our home page, our information page. Misleading of any link will not acceptable anyway, and linking site can use our hyperlink when there is a context.

We also consider links from other organizations also:

Other customer businesses informative websites like American association, Chamber of Commerce, Consumers Union, and AARP.

Community websites such as dot.com.

Portals on the internet

Directory online distribution

Trade associations and educational institutes

We will approve links if we think that this will never affect our business. We will get enough visibility from that link. Information resource or consistent with editorial content. You can give the link to our publications, home page, or other informative pages of our website.

Considering policies discussed above if you want to link us please tell us by sending an email on [email protected]

Email should have your name, organization name, and information to the contact like email or number. URL of your website will be a plus for us. Please give us the time of 2-3 weeks for the response.

If you are approved, you can link our website in the following ways.

The corporate name of our website.

Uniform informative source locator on the website.

You can link material within the format of your content.

You cannot use any of Farigh Times artwork or logo for your website as that is directly related to us.


You cannot use the frame of your website without our permission. You cannot use any other technique to give your website a look of our website.

Rights Reserved

We have the rights reserved for requesting to remove any link of our website from any website anytime. You have to remove our links on our request. Our terms and conditions of linking can change at any time.

Links removal from our website

If any link of your website is objectionable for any reason, we will contact you about this. Our request will be the removal of that link at any cost.

We will never monitor that the news is correct or wrong about the objectionable website nor we care what will be the impact of our link removal.

Liability of content

We are not responsible for any material coming on your website. You cannot use our content related link on the website which interprets criminal or obscene, violates otherwise, infringes, or consider a violation of third party rights.


We will exclude all warranties and representations related to the website and use of our website. Here are some of the disclaimers also.

  • You can limit or exclude any injury or death from negligence
  • Exclude or limit your and our liabilities misrepresentation of fraudulent or fraud.
  • Exclude or limit your and our liabilities in a way that they are no more applicable or permitted under any law.

Our website is for the information, and it’s free of cost. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to nature.