You will surely find these type of men in Pakistani drama

These Bunto Kazmi Joras are the proof that she is the queen of Pakistani fashion industry
August 30, 2019

You will surely find these type of men in Pakistani drama

Pakistani dramas are showing up the culture of Pakistan. Our main focus is always women who are working in dramas and their stereotypes. But male actors are also very stereotype. So here we have the list of men in the Pakistani dramas.

Hero of the drama

He is the one who can wear every type of cloths and apply any fashion. Always he is one woman man and a cool guy who can also drive a motorbike.

Shy character

A character who is soft-spoken and shy. His own family and friends make fun of this guy in the drama. He is at the top in the end sometimes.

Joker Guy

In the show, this guy is one of the relief to hear the comics. He is the one who knows the art to make drama lighter. Most of the drama shows this character simple while some love to add depth to this character.

Angry character

Most of the writers love to write this type of character who is always angry about the little freedom from his family. He doesn’t want any control from the family. This character is always full of anger and emotion. So shouting happen a lot throughout the drama.

The masculine character

A lot of Pakistani dramas love to have this character who is masculine and have some feminine habits. People made fun of this guy, but he can easily connect to the female side of him.

Rigid Father

This type of fathers is also part of dramas who always forbidden their daughter to not to go to school at an early age. This is one of the strict types of the father who used to have a lot of daughters and no son.

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