These men in Lahore are putting classified ads and they are looking for love and this is a lot shame

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August 30, 2019
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August 30, 2019

These men in Lahore are putting classified ads and they are looking for love and this is a lot shame

Advertising concept: black text Advertise under the curled piece of Red torn paper with Hand Drawn Marketing Icons

In Pakistan, it is tough to date anyone. Technically you are not permitted for the date, but you can easily go for the halal date if you have a fiancé and you can go out with his mother and him a month before marriage.

Much rough stuff

So, this is one of the weird stuff to see a Pakistani couple who is bachelors looking for love but what if you are looking for paid love?

Some men are ready to pay for love to their girlfriends, and some ads are not looking thatbad honestly lol

We cannot tell the name of the website because of their privacy issue. But some beautiful and entertaining ads are here for you. This will be a treat for your day.

Sugar baby is the cutest way though

Okay this brother is contract types, and you have to tour the city in free with him and get the payment

Urgent boyfriend oh snap 

Handsome date and an attractive salary?

Interested in the sexual type of things than this post is for you

50 shades and your all dreams come true

And this guy is also the same

You can see the trust of this person, and you can consider this one of the most prominent quality

Dating is not a big deal in all over the world except Pakistan. All the world is taking it entirely normal, and this is how the world is working.

Our adults are also aware of what they are doing and have their mind, so we are none to judge them with bad comments. It’s okay to find a man or a woman of your interest in Pakistan too. We don’t want to shame these guys on the internet if they’re going to do their own thing. What do you think about this? Tell us in comments.

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