Social media is full of Pathan Bacha and people are sick of his exploitation on TV shows

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August 30, 2019
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Social media is full of Pathan Bacha and people are sick of his exploitation on TV shows

Video of a Pathan Bacha was floating on the social media from last 2 to 3 weeks. Kid name is Ahmed Shah who was arguing with his teacher to return his bag, and it became instantly viral. Baby is adorable and for sure looking cute in white uniform with harry potter style glasses.

It is not a good way to make a video of an angry kid without permission of his parents butafter that Ahmed appeared on many TV shows too.

Here is the full video of his school

Show hosts snatch his toys or snacks to make him angry and then laugh terribly, which isagain bad

Nida Yasir’s morning shows also invited Ahmed, and in the start, everything was fine when she was asking about the hobbies of the kid. She gave snacks and toys to the kid too, but after that, she took his toys to get a reaction. Also, she made fun of Ahmed Shah who was insulting for a kid’s self-respect too. Here is the full video of the show

The audience is angry at the host, and this is not okay to take toys and snack of the kid. Theyget mad this is natural

Mocking a child and getting his reaction out of it is very cheap. These shows are teaching children a new bad habit which should not be taught on the national TV. People are angry, and they are saying a lot to the host.

Here is the comparison which is entirely justifiable

Pakistani shows are always this much pathetic.


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