Shireen Mazari was sleeping at work, and people are rude

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August 30, 2019
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August 30, 2019

Shireen Mazari was sleeping at work, and people are rude

People are becoming super hard after the takeover of the new government. This is the first time of the current government, and they promised “Naya Pakistan.” Philippine Pm once said that people of the third world would attract from the catchy slogans. Pakistan is famous in it as we already observed slogan of PPP and that was “Roti KapraaurMakaan.” These slogans are always fulfilled by those who claimed it.

PTI is now suffering and having a hard time as people are expecting something magical from them. It seems difficult for the government too to fulfill the things till now obviously changes take a lot of time.

Photo of Shireen Mazari (Minister of human rights) go viral over the internet when she was sleeping on the internet or taking rest for a second, but you never know the truth.

People never leave a stone crooked to troll the PTI government

We can understand the feeling of the audience, but they have to follow the situation too.


Umm……..Good point

Some people are getting the situation soon.

Oh yes!

Some of them have personal grudges with human rights.


India took it much serious

You can imagine when one of your points goes to India. They take it seriously as spy pigeon.


But they are the same

At the same time, one of them reminded the ministers of Kerala.

This is bad that we trolled the politicians without observing their positive attitude towards work. We always troll how they look or talk which is rude and no nation can grow with this behavior. Please let us know what do you think about it?




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